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1. Deep clean.

A squeaky clean home suggests to buyers that the current owners take good care of the property, a notion that extends beyond the kitchen countertops to the entire house. Don’t overpower homes with scented items, the potential buyers will think you are hiding something. Instead, make cups of coffee and leave on the counter for future buyers.

2. De-personalise.

One of the primary objectives of home staging is to help potential buyers visualise the space as their own. You want the home to have style and charm, but it should be devoid of personal touches that suggest this home belongs to the seller, not the buyer. Take out personal photographs, fridge magnets, keep clothes stored away and out of sight, clear bathroom counters of personal items, like toothbrushes and contact solution. Remove anything overly religious as well.

3. Add mirrors.

If you lack artwork, consider picking up a sizeable mirror at your local home store. A mirror not only adds some style to space, but its reflective quality can also open up a room, making it brighter and seem less cramped. 

4. Replace your curtains.

If you have old and heavy drapes, toss them for something more modern and breezy. 

Simple, functional window coverings on opened windows allow space to breathe and appear visually larger and more open. Choose floor-length curtains and hang them from the ceiling instead of at the top of the window frame.

5. Upgrade your carpets

For a living room carpet, avoid one that’s too small, make sure the front legs of your couch or chairs are touching the carpet. The right-sized carpet in a complementary style to the room will make space look larger and feel more pulled together.

6. Reorganise bookcases.

Remove 25% of your book entirely, and then rearrange what’s left so that some books are vertical and some are stacked horizontally.

Give your shelves some style. Place a couple of trinkets within the bookcase to function as accents and bookends. 

7. Buy white towels.

To stage your bathroom, go with monochromatic hues. Put all-white towels in your bathrooms. Coloured towels don’t feel spa-like and they can seem dingy and add heaviness to a space. White towels feel fresh and clean.

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